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Matrix and Associates M&A, is an industry leader in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of private, middle-market and main street companies. With many years of proven experience in middle-market and main street transactions, our Senior Associates have the focus and understanding required to meet a business owner's goals and objectives. The sale of a business is likely to represent the most important, and largest, financial event in the life of the owner. For most business owners, this important liquidity event will occur only once. The professionals at Matrix and Associates M&A have the experience and know-how to help make this decision and execute a transaction designed to maximize the value of the business.

With the guidance of experts from Matrix and Associates M&A, business owners also gain insight and strategies that could offer potential solutions to issues such as:

  • When might be the right time to sell?
  • Should all or part of the business be sold?
  • Is the company ready for sale, or should the focus be on building value for a future sale?

The sale of a business is a serious and unforgiving process in which every step must be executed properly, the first time, if the financial rewards are to be realized. The Matrix and Associates M&A Process mobilizes all our experience, knowledge and resources to provide the best possible advantage in the marketplace. Matrix and Associates M&A has developed a mergers and acquisitions process that is designed to maximize the value of the business and focus on the personal objectives and financial goals of the business owner. We work with you to understand your goals and have a proven track record of guiding clients though the complex M&A process. As a Matrix and Associates client you benefit from:

  • An evaluation of the business to determine the value of the company and the best positioning for the sale.
  • The support of expert M&A professionals who will objectively analyze and value your business and the market to implement strategies that are considered to be the most advantageous to the client.
  • A marketing strategy that is customized to fit the unique profile of each client company and designed to raise its visibility and target the most suitable acquirers while maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • Professional documentation that properly positions the business and explains its value - from the buyer's perspective.
  • Access to thousands of buyers, who are actively seeking to acquire middle-market and main street companies, including long standing relationships with private equity groups, public companies and large private corporations. Just as important, the ability to speak with experienced and sophisticated buyers at their level.
  • Relationships with financial institutions, in both senior and mezzanine markets.


The Matrix and Associates M&A Process is based on experience gained from executing transactions involving diverse businesses from most all industry segments. It is designed to identify the most appropriate potential buyers - sometimes located in another state or even offshore.


The Matrix and Associates staff members are our most valuable resource and consist of experienced M&A professionals.



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